Best Houseboats in Srinagar Nagin Lake

Naaz Kashmir is a superb houseboats in Kashmir, this is beautifully designed and can be compare to deluxe hotel. These houseboats are arrange everything in a proper way as bedrooms, attached bathrooms, sun deck, kitchen, living area and much more. Moreover, you mesmerize the unique carved wooden furniture design and we serve all variety of foods as Chinese, Continental and Kashmiri cuisines.

This houseboats is offer finest holidays on waters and it is the best journey of your life. Naaz Kashmir is a Luxury houseboats in Kashmir which offer Shikara rides. You don’t miss the charm of Kashmir houseboats tour you enjoy the finest beauty here while staying on waters.

Thank You.

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2 comments on “Best Houseboats in Srinagar Nagin Lake

  1. gisosi03 says:

    Wow this looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing at least one now knows, maybe someday one can visit. Beautiful Houseboats ❤️👌🏾

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  2. puntacanasol says:

    So beautiful houseboats; it looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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