Naaz Kashmir is Best for Kashmir Houseboat Tour Package

If you make a planning a holiday, we are advised to book a Kashmir tour package if you wish to save some money. Kashmir tour packages include sightseeing, stay in the luxury houseboat in kashmir, breakfast and dinner include with Kashmir travel guide. You must visit to Kashmir throughout the year, the summer months between May-September is the best time.

naaz kashmir.png
Our Naaz Kashmir houseboats are exquisitely made in a unique way. These houseboats are perfect example of conversion of traditional houseboats into modernized houseboats. The impressive beauty of the Kashmir is unforgettable and indescribable in our words. Naaz Kashmir is one of the best houseboats in Nagin Lake Srinagar.

Lotus room

Naaz Kashmir is listed luxury houseboats in Kashmir, rooms are reflected the tradition but room decoration is superb and impressive. Everything is arrange in a proper way as professional cook and all staff is very experienced and very friendly nature. Our hospitality is world famous.


Naaz Kashmir is the best for kashmir houseboats tour. Our houseboat is provides tour packages at the very affordable range. So book Kashmir houseboat tour and visit to Kashmir. Staying in our houseboat is an amazing experience.

Thank You.

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  1. Beautiful woodwork in the rooms

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